First, thanks for coming by to learn more about the site. Means a lot.

This blog is where I share how I got debt-free and what I’m currently doing to gain financial independence.

If you’re interested in the debt-free side of things, check out the 7 Baby Steps by Dave Ramsey. It’s the financial plan I used to get out of debt (about $10,000 worth) and help me save for retirement.

Now that I’m out of debt my financial focus has shifted toward saving for retirement.

Eventually, I’d like to get FIRE’d (Financial Independence and Early Retirement) someday. But until then, I’d like this place to serve as a journal where I share my progress and what it took for me to get from A to B.

You can learn more about the FIRE movement at https://www.campfirefinance.com/fire-101/. The folks over there explain everything very simply and have images of charts to help give a better understanding and representation of the FIRE concept.

I’ll also be sharing other money-related topics I think you might find useful or interesting.

My hope for this blog is that it becomes a place that helps people with their own personal finance journey.

Take a look around and bookmark whatever information is useful to you. It’s free and always will be.

Wishing you health, wealth, and perseverance to keep doing what it takes to reach your financial goals.

Connor Ocampo

P.S. I’m not an English major so there may be a few grammatical errors in this website. I do try to proofread articles and pages before and after publishing but if you happen to come across a typo or poor wording here and there, please forgive me!